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Reinvent Horton is proud to partner with the youth in the community through Horton CEO.

Check out Horton's New Downtown Business!

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The Project Board is a location for members of the Reinvent Horton committee to post new projects around town that interested citizens could be involved in.  
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Interested In Bringing Your Business to Horton?  Or Open Another Location?

Marcus Lemonis has buildings waiting for you

Also Check Out The Horton Industrial Development Corportation For More Business Opportunities

Would you like to volunteer your time for a good cause?

Do you live in or around Horton?

Are you looking for something to do?


Horton was founded on September 20, 1886, and named after Chief Justice Judge, A.H. Horton, by the people of Kansas as he served as Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court.


In the 1930s, the small Northeast Kansas town became the site of the first Rural Electrification Administration project, designating “The Electric City” as its town logo, however after years of economic downfall the Northeast Kansas town has become a shadow of its former glory.

Recognizing the towns need for rejuvenation, Marcus Lemonis, entrepreneur and host of CNBC’s reality series The Profit, recently pledged his support to help the town of Horton revitalize itself, bringing much needed community and economic development to the small town. After Lemonis met with business owners, community members and city officials in January 2014, plans were put in place to develop the Reinvent Horton Committee, whose goal is to rebuild the downtown area of Horton, attract new business and give an economic boost to the community.

Not willing to sit back and watch the deterioration, residents have made a statement regarding their devotion, with members cleaning up the town by picking up trash, clearing brush, removing dilapidated structures and re-painting historical business properties.


Our vision is not only that we change the look of our town to attract new businesses and people, but to also preserve our history and rekindle a sense of pride in this community. We hope to inspire other small towns in America to reinvent their town and to know that if you believe in it and work hard enough, anything is possible.”

Please join us as we re-energize, re-vitalize and re-invent Horton as a community! 

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